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SUBSTANCE comes in the three versions below. 2 more products will be added in the next few months.

For convenience, you may install the software on more than one PC for your own personal use.




USD $39.95


USD $49.95


For minimal system requirements, please check out this page.

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Supported languages: English, French

Load and Save SUBSTANCE Scene Projects (.subst)

Automatic updates (internet connection needed)

Realtime 3D photorealistic rendering within GUI

Multi-threading (ability to use multiple CPU-cores for calculations)

Ability to process and compute Fractal structures

Ability to process and compute Organic structures (including fossilized)

Ability to process and compute Ephemeral structures

Ability to produce genetic mutations to create new organisms

1 generat.

up to 3 generat.

up to 5 generat.

Max. number of history states to retain in the history stack




Ability to import and add new HDRI lightings

8 images

16 images

32 images

Ability to import and add new texture maps for model surfaces

8 maps

32 maps

64 maps

Realtime 3D Snapshot to PNG/BMP/JPG/TIF image file

Ability to create any kind of structure from scratch

Organic forms Designer and Mutator

Automatic searching system for new Fractal and Ephemeral structures

Render high quality photorealistic images using the P.U.R.E. technology

Photorealistic Augmented Reality

Classic [A.R]



Export the structures to very high definition meshes (Wavefront .OBJ)

Fast Interactive and Unbiased Global Illumination Rendering (realtime part of the the P.U.R.E. technology) using GPU + CPU

Classic [A.R] only

Access to rendering engine advanced settings and parameters

Ability to create libraries of realistic custom surface shaders

Produce animated sequences of Organic structures evolving in time

NB: symbol (blue check) means that not all parameters and options are included.