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SUBSTANCE is a realtime 3D application for producing photorealistic Evolutionary Art.


Powered by NeuroSystems' procedural organic modeling technology P.O.M.E and advanced rendering technology P.U.R.E, SUBSTANCE exploits the process of evolution to create an artwork which continually changes according to a genetic evolutionary algorithm. Basically, the artist is able to control the development of a piece of work through some form of "selection", in a manner analogous to natural selection. In a system such as SUBSTANCE, one or more parent virtual sculptures are mutated and/or crossbred to produce a number of "children", which are then selected again. These results are then used to produce the next "generation".

Evolutionary systems such as SUBSTANCE allow the artist to generate complex unique unpredictable computer graphics artworks in a very visual way.


SUBSTANCE is an easy to use application with a very intuitive and user friendly graphical interface. Its powerful realtime 3D engine allows the artist to visualize, manipulate and edit the shapes and forms being currently created.

With SUBSTANCE, interactivity is everywhere. Moreover, no specific artistic knowledge is required to exploit the endless creative possibilities it offers. Indeed, you will get incredible 3D structures and amazing renderings at the first use.

Thus, all those numerous features make SUBSTANCE a must in the field of digital creation.


SUBSTANCE exists in 5 versions, Free, Classic (with and without Augmented Reality) and Complete (with and without Augmented Reality). See "products comparaison table" to learn more about them.


Get SUBSTANCE Brochure as PDF file (size : 4Mb)